We all know that the UK housing stock is in urgent need of improvement. The Government’s Net Zero Strategy includes getting homes to EPC level C and installing heat pumps wherever possible. The fuel price crisis of the last year has raised the pressure for change.

Most homes can save 10% or more of their energy bills by taking simple measures outlined in the Warmer Winter Checklist from Low Carbon Hub.

To get an EPC “C” rating you generally need good roof insulation, wall insulation, and double glazing, plus an efficient heating system. Insulating cavity walls is easy and very cost-effective. Solid wall insulation is more of an investment. It’s often cheaper and easier to make energy improvements at the same time as other kinds of building work.

Sustainable Botley is offering support and advice on energy issues to people in Botley and North Hinksey. We have a small group of friendly home energy advisors who are ready to visit you at home, listen to your concerns or queries, and give you specific tips tailored to your exact circumstances. If you would like to know more email us using our contact form or ring Laurie on 07421 083950 (please leave a message).

We cover:

  • Getting the support you are entitled to (especially with bills)
  • Getting the most out of your heating
  • Finding ways to cut energy waste, cold spots, and black mould
  • Keeping your heat in effectively
  • Cutting your carbon footprint

If you are facing financial problems advice is available. Contact Citizens Advice 0808 278 7909 or contact the Council-supported ‘Better Housing Better Health’ advice service (ring for free: 0800 107 0044)

We have recently carried out a survey of eight typical Botley homes, evaluating measures to save significant amounts of energy. The main findings are here.

And you can download the full report here.

If you would like to help with this work we are keen to have a few more community energy advisors. If you would like to be trained on this see our Advisor page.

This work is organised by Sustainable Botley with support from Vale of White Horse District Council and North Hinksey Parish Council. The District Council have a useful advice page on energy issues.

There are lots more resources on our information and advice page.